Dominik Koepfer vs Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights | US Open 2019 R4

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Dominik Koepfer and Daniil Medvedev face off in Round 3 of the US Open 2019.
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  • Al Truism
    Al Truism  1 weeks back

    koepfer backhand just like fognini

    •  2 weeks back

      i was 1/2 people cheering for daniil in the stands

      • Au Batino
        Au Batino  2 weeks back


      • D Costa
        D Costa  2 weeks back

        Medvedev at the net genuinely complimented Koepfer. Both amazing and fair players

        • ТурбоТОП
          ТурбоТОП  3 weeks back

          koepfer is just a no-brains ball crusher. His shots look impressive but he's never had any results cause can't read the opponent's game for shit

          • Sameer Singh
            Sameer Singh  3 weeks back

            AS IT'S......

            • Sameer Singh
              Sameer Singh  4 weeks back

              BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE GAME..................

              BEAUTIFUL RETURN SEEN THIS GAME............................
              ON THE HOL WINER IS WONDERFUL...........................

              • OneStauffder Sirynch
                OneStauffder Sirynch  4 weeks back

                Koepfer has one of the best backhand drives I’ve ever seen

              • Владимир
                Владимир  4 weeks back

                Эти зрители тоже заслужили, чтобы он палец им показал.

                • Владимир
                  Владимир  4 weeks back

                  Медведев в этом видео всё проиграл, но матч выиграл почему то.

                  • fabio bordignon
                    fabio bordignon  4 weeks back

                    Still young the Russian, already full of [email protected]@t

                    • Батыр Раджабов

                      Браво, Данила! Так держать!

                      • まぐなフォッサ
                        まぐなフォッサ  1 months back


                        • Сергей Рузманов

                          Уроды, показывают в основном как проигрывает мячи Медведев, но в результате он выиграл. Удивительно, да?

                          • Елена Дудник
                            Елена Дудник  4 weeks back

                            Да, я тоже заметила, при чем не только в этом матче , а во всех. Дебилы...

                        • Summer
                          Summer  2 months back

                          Koepfer has the most beautiful double handed backhand I ever saw, more beautiful than Zverev. He could have won this game if his mental strength was greater than Medvedev though, I hope he makes it to finals next time!

                          • Дмитрий Семашко

                            Medvedevs serves are like tzar-pushka

                            • Дмитрий Семашко
                              Дмитрий Семашко  4 weeks back

                              Александр Соколов согласен! )

                            • Александр Соколов
                              Александр Соколов  4 weeks back

                              из царь-пушки никогда не стреляли - она - один большой фейк. А Медведев - реальный топ, а не фейковый

                          • Wahn Yoon
                            Wahn Yoon  2 months back

                            I love these longer highlights! So interesting and fun to watch. And the wheels on Medvedev! Impressive movement for such a tall player.

                            • Nolan Carter
                              Nolan Carter  2 months back

                              I feel like the crowd and the commentators want medvedev to lose, but he just keeps refusing to.

                              • Agung Gunawan
                                Agung Gunawan  2 months back

                                Why the crowds so againts medvedev? I like how medvedev play, really smart!

                                • Kunal Nagarkoti
                                  Kunal Nagarkoti  1 weeks back

                                  @Jeffrey Chuang he showed middle finger to the crowd in Lopez encounter that's why crowd got very upset on him and from that onwards crowd started to boo him

                                • Jeffrey Chuang
                                  Jeffrey Chuang  2 weeks back

                                  because of his behavior in round 3 against Lopez

                              • Teo Kim
                                Teo Kim  2 months back

                                Koepfer seemed like Nalbandian, especially massive backhands. Just WOW.

                                • ManBearPig
                                  ManBearPig  2 months back

                                  1:24 Another incompetent ballperson. I think it's because they assume he will ask for it since he lost the point, just like other players do. They will have to get used to him.

                                  • jufbufefb rvrrv
                                    jufbufefb rvrrv  2 months back

                                    Another incompetent tennis fan... maybe play tennis by your self and after this write stupid comments like this one

                                • thorium222
                                  thorium222  2 months back

                                  Medvedev is right, if Koepfer keeps this up he will be very high up in the rankings. Smart aggressive play, very good defense, movement all around, very good shot selection. He is obviusly much smarter than Zvererv.

                                  • poker pro
                                    poker pro  4 weeks back

                                    ​@michael etten wtf are u on about. u need a resume to compliment someones game?

                                  • Targaryen Dynasty
                                    Targaryen Dynasty  4 weeks back

                                    michael etten dude he has a grand slam final and multiple ATP 1000 titles while being the world number 4

                                  • Wahn Yoon
                                    Wahn Yoon  2 months back

                                    Totally agree. Koepfer is a player to watch.

                                  • michael etten
                                    michael etten  2 months back

                                    He might be right, but has no business telling him that. He needs more accolades under his belt before he advises people like that.

                                • velipulla
                                  velipulla  2 months back

                                  Koepfer is a really bad tenniser

                                  • Javier T.
                                    Javier T.  1 weeks back

                                    Come on Velli, mate. It's exactly the same remark you made about a different tennis player. You even repeated that word "tenniser", ja, ja

                                  • ТурбоТОП
                                    ТурбоТОП  3 weeks back

                                    yo, u been posting the same shit comment on every single video, cut it out bro

                                  • none
                                    none  2 months back

                                    craps on you and most of your imaginary friends

                                • Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin

                                  i like how you release these "extended highlights" when you're no longer relevant to people

                                  • 60FPS DragonBall
                                    60FPS DragonBall  2 months back

                                    There were some neo backhands from fed

                                    • 60FPS DragonBall
                                      60FPS DragonBall  2 months back

                                      Upload Fed Goffin extended pleasee

                                      • Daniel Wills
                                        Daniel Wills  2 months back

                                        @WARRIOR FIGHTER PAHLAWAN lol French Open semi finals, Wimbledon finals Federers not gud?

                                      • WARRIOR FIGHTER PAHLAWAN
                                        WARRIOR FIGHTER PAHLAWAN  2 months back

                                        goffin play like shit ... fedeerer not even good