Diego Schwartzman vs Rafael Nadal Extended Highlights | US Open 2019 QF

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Diego Schwartzman and Rafael Nadal face off in the quarter finals of the US Open 2019.
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  • tommaso rabiti
    tommaso rabiti  3 days back

    nadal = doping

    • Norma Acuña
      Norma Acuña  3 weeks back

      Te felicito Diego euge

      • Rusdayati Idrus
        Rusdayati Idrus  4 weeks back

        Is there anything that Nadal's team can learn from Diego Szn's game learn? Yes. It is his shooting angles/directions. Unfortunately, Moya is too blind to see. Diego's shooting directions r more unpredictable than those of Nadal's. Federer's r t most unpredictable. Wt more unpredictable shooting angles, Nadal can his matches much easier.

        • Sameer Singh
          Sameer Singh  4 weeks back

          BUT WINER IS WONDERFUL........

          • unowen7591
            unowen7591  1 months back

            12:04 point of the tournament

            • omer rasiuk
              omer rasiuk  3 days back

              A big NOPE, rafa vs cilic around the net

          • Rusdayati Idrus
            Rusdayati Idrus  1 months back

            Opponents' height n weight r not significant factors any more if Nadal has his health n intensity. Wt this condition, Nadal will roll over every top player out there.

            • Balaji Govindarajan
              Balaji Govindarajan  2 months back

              Diego is unhateable.

              • Yagami Taiga
                Yagami Taiga  2 months back

                nadal was born to make his life difficult he always loses a big and large advantage on the opponents just like the final and a lot of other games

                • M l
                  M l  2 months back

                  Rafa!!! Your a beast nigha!!!

                  • pongsak santiviriyapanich

                    Nadal looked like Godzilla.

                    • Jonas O
                      Jonas O  2 months back

                      Look at his footwork at 1:41, full control 😎👌

                      • Ricardo Feitosa
                        Ricardo Feitosa  2 months back

                        Diego put a good fight, would have liked to see him approach the net more and used more drop shots.

                        • rajawi said
                          rajawi said  2 months back

                          Nadal was good in his first service this game.that's one of the reasons of his winning.and hard luck to diego,he played very well but nadal's experience was the key of this game

                          • Sushi Man
                            Sushi Man  2 months back

                            Nadal = 💉💉💉 🐂🐂

                            • CA7
                              CA7  2 months back

                              5:28 THAT ball had to enter

                              • Bennett W
                                Bennett W  2 months back

                                When Nadal led 4-0 in the first set, I thought he is going to win it 6-0
                                But then Nadal is the only one amongst the big three that has that unpredictability, even on his own serve.
                                I guess it is that unpredictability that makes Nadal's matches less certain and more tension.
                                He looked more fearless when he was younger. Nowadays he looks more nervous and more tensed.

                                • Sachin Johri
                                  Sachin Johri  3 weeks back

                                  It’s one match. Novak had a whole 2 set slump vs Roger at Wimbledon and still won. Federer is known for choking leads to Nadal and Djokovic. I do agree though that Nadal maybe seems more tight and nervous against the big 3 than he used to be.

                                • Agus
                                  Agus  4 weeks back

                                  Bennett W thats roger for me, he has the weakeast mentallity of the big 3

                              • Eduardo Bedoya
                                Eduardo Bedoya  2 months back

                                Didn't watch this game, But NADAL is a Beast!!!

                                • Cwm368
                                  Cwm368  2 months back

                                  Everyone taking about Diego height. Its getting old. Not everyone is 6 foot something.

                                • Darth Sidious
                                  Darth Sidious  2 months back

                                  It’s puzzling that Nadal has a tendency to have these mini collapses during a match. It will only embolden his opponents in the future.

                                  • BrokeN-AcE StuDioS
                                    BrokeN-AcE StuDioS  2 months back

                                    The guy is 33 dude... Most tennis players coach by then, still he is winning.... How much more do you expect0???

                                  • Sherma Gustave
                                    Sherma Gustave  2 months back

                                    Yes, see who can match up

                                • John GTA
                                  John GTA  2 months back

                                  diego is a small kid in front of nadal - no match

                                  • Sushi Man
                                    Sushi Man  2 months back

                                    👶 VS 💉💉💉💉

                                • Haajir Yabre
                                  Haajir Yabre  2 months back

                                  Nadal served exceptionally well throughout this tournament and got rewarded in the end.

                                  • Sala h Drwish
                                    Sala h Drwish  2 months back

                                    US 🌹👍 ✌🏻 👏🏻

                                    • Mave Rick
                                      Mave Rick  2 months back

                                      Some of the most brutal hard court rallies in a single match - unfortunately the lack of star power of the opponent diminishes the quality of the match :/

                                      • Mave Rick
                                        Mave Rick  2 months back

                                        @Cwm368 You should be a defense attorney, lol

                                      • Cwm368
                                        Cwm368  2 months back

                                        @Mave Rick Can you beat him? I think not.

                                      • Mave Rick
                                        Mave Rick  2 months back

                                        @Cwm368 Yes, because of all the Masters and Majors he's won, right?

                                      • Cwm368
                                        Cwm368  2 months back

                                        @Mave Rick Diego was a worthy opponent and and a star. You are just flat wrong

                                      • Mave Rick
                                        Mave Rick  2 months back

                                        @Cwm368 Starpower of the opponent dummy - read carefully before you reply

                                    • Andrew Smith
                                      Andrew Smith  2 months back

                                      Bravo Diego che grinta che carattere ha questo ragazzo 💪 recuperare dei set ha rafa Nadal che non ti concede quasi niente gli fa' onore.

                                      • 깔깔
                                        깔깔  2 months back

                                        you can see nadal hitting high and slow shots to schwartzman's backhand... cruel but smart

                                        • Sidhanth Mishra
                                          Sidhanth Mishra  2 months back

                                          On critical moments which was smart...but when he dropped the ball short and to Diego's backhand. BAM. Crosscourt winner

                                      • M.A.S
                                        M.A.S  2 months back

                                        You could take some points from Rafa but never win against him!

                                        • Vladimir Medvjedev
                                          Vladimir Medvjedev  2 months back

                                          4:12 This is Djokovic quality Schwartzman

                                        • Vladimir Medvjedev
                                          Vladimir Medvjedev  2 months back

                                          Schwartzman backhand is so beautiful. Can you imagine this guy being Nadal's height... He would be beast.

                                          • Aditya Rheza
                                            Aditya Rheza  2 months back

                                            @RamboK221 same with Schwartzman, just sarcas

                                          • RamboK221
                                            RamboK221  2 months back

                                            Not true, imagine Nadal at 6’7”, would be a different player. Probably not as good.

                                          • Aditya Rheza
                                            Aditya Rheza  2 months back

                                            Imagine Nadal = Isner height

                                          • Vladimir Medvjedev
                                            Vladimir Medvjedev  2 months back

                                            @Zenigundam I think he would be more/less the same but with more power better serve and even more aggressive. Djokovic is 6'2'', Murray is 6'3'' and they are moving amazing I don't think Schwartzman would lose agility with additional height and I think Schwartzman is playing similar to Djokovic for example but is shorter and he is still really incredible player 😉😅👍🏼.

                                          • Zenigundam
                                            Zenigundam  2 months back

                                            He would be a different player if his dimensions changed.

                                        • Shtl Narang
                                          Shtl Narang  2 months back

                                          Just to balance Deigo's height Rafa faced Cilic before him and Berretini and Medvedev after him all nearly 6 feet 6 inches tall ( berretini slightly under) LOL

                                          • Gherbi Hicham
                                            Gherbi Hicham  3 weeks back

                                            ​@NotSoHandyTim I hate servebots as much as the next guy, I'm just telling you how it is, this is where tennis is heading, tall guys with big serves who can play from the baseline will be the top players for the foreseeable future.

                                          • NotSoHandyTim
                                            NotSoHandyTim  4 weeks back

                                            @Gherbi Hicham: You got that partly right. The future of tennis is fans dozing off because they got bored trying to count aces.

                                          • Gherbi Hicham
                                            Gherbi Hicham  4 weeks back

                                            ​@NotSoHandyTim Dude you just mentioned the top players of the world, all the guys you mentioned except Isner are grand slam finalists, and yes that is the direction of where tennis is heading right now in case you haven't noticed: Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Berretini, Khachanov are all over 193 cm tall, the future of mens top tennis players is tall guys with huge serves who can rally and win from the baseline.

                                          • NotSoHandyTim
                                            NotSoHandyTim  1 months back

                                            @OKC Gaming:Do you mean biggest serves in the world?

                                          • OKC Gaming
                                            OKC Gaming  1 months back

                                            NotSoHandyTim just ask some of the best players in the world?

                                        • حمزة راجع
                                          حمزة راجع  2 months back

                                          Vamos rafa

                                          • にぎりごはん
                                            にぎりごはん  2 months back


                                            • velipulla
                                              velipulla  2 months back

                                              Schwartzman is a really bad tenniser

                                              • RamboK221
                                                RamboK221  2 months back

                                                velipulla no I am saying you wouldn’t make top 20 in the world and consistently compete with the best in slams if you were shit

                                              • velipulla
                                                velipulla  2 months back

                                                kelman221 so you cant say movie was shit if you havent won oscar from best direction?

                                              • RamboK221
                                                RamboK221  2 months back

                                                Lol ok go pro and tell us when you make top 20 in the world. Also tenniser is not a word

                                              • ムール貝さん
                                                ムール貝さん  2 months back


                                              • samnoma zzz
                                                samnoma zzz  2 months back

                                                Fuck you

                                            • SOYCD99
                                              SOYCD99  2 months back

                                              The little guy tried his best.

                                              • Jonas O
                                                Jonas O  2 months back

                                                He is a really good player!!!

                                            • Zenigundam
                                              Zenigundam  2 months back

                                              Most unimpressive win of the tourney for Nadal, Diego is 5'5", 135lbs playing against a dude who hits with so much spin and on a hard court to make it all worse, his best shot would be on clay, which is Nadal's best surface ironically. Diego will never beat Nadal barring an injury retirement or somebody drugging Rafa up before the match.

                                              • Sidhanth Mishra
                                                Sidhanth Mishra  2 months back

                                                @Zenigundam On the contrary, with Rafas spin on a dry clay court the ball kicks up incredibly high. Players like Djokovic (and soderling/isner to an extent) have been able to handle rafas topspin to their backhands because they are taller AND it's in their strike zone. The bounce at the US open is lower so Schwartzman Was able to take it on the rise until Rafa suddenly changed the trajectory at critical moments. Schwartzman Made rafa sweat by breaking back in both sets and playing great first strike tennis. The US open is both slower than the Australian and has a low bounce so it's easier for Diego to time a lower bouncing ball. Also Diego was crushing anything short of full length just like the French. But he can't execute these winners against full length groundstrokes hit with power on any surface.

                                              • Zenigundam
                                                Zenigundam  2 months back

                                                @Sidhanth Mishra The ball slows down considerably on clay. On a hard court, Diego gets stretched from side to side and turned into a hamster fairly easily against someone like Nadal.

                                              • Sidhanth Mishra
                                                Sidhanth Mishra  2 months back

                                                Dude, you have no idea what tennis is. I would say you are funny if didn't sound so pathetic. Rafas spin on a dry clay court is unplayable. Schwartzman chances diminish even more. He played well against Rafa at the French because Rafa was dropping the ball too short

                                              • Vishal Panicker
                                                Vishal Panicker  2 months back

                                                @JordanjamesX google says 5'7??

                                              • JordanjamesX
                                                JordanjamesX  2 months back

                                                @andrew mabs Diego is shorter than 5'7. Diego is 5'5 or 5'6.

                                            • Oscar Miltz
                                              Oscar Miltz  2 months back

                                              It’s unbelievable how much better the big three are compared to the others

                                            • Takao
                                              Takao  2 months back

                                              Diego always plays good match against Rafa.
                                              I want him to win someday…

                                              • Sherma Gustave
                                                Sherma Gustave  2 months back

                                                Twice the heart of kyrios, diego. If youre blessed with natural ability, do not waste it.

                                            • Noobmaster 69
                                              Noobmaster 69  2 months back

                                              Nadal is gonna win the us open

                                              • shariff ismail
                                                shariff ismail  2 months back

                                                andrew mabs 😂

                                              • andrew mabs
                                                andrew mabs  2 months back

                                                PARSHANT GARG hahaha where have u been ? Don’t tell me u just came out of the cave

                                              • Jeremy Baut
                                                Jeremy Baut  2 months back

                                                Kai Hin Yeung woooosh

                                              • Kai Hin Yeung
                                                Kai Hin Yeung  2 months back

                                                Nadal is already the Champion of US OPen 2019 .....

                                              • PARSHANT GARG
                                                PARSHANT GARG  2 months back

                                                Yes i think his final will be the tough one... Vamos rafa.. Go for 19