Lil Nas X - Panini (Official Video)

  • Published: 05 September 2019
  • Official video for "Panini" by Lil Nas X.

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    Director: Mike Diva
    Story By: Lil Nas X
    Starring: Skai Jackson
    Executive Producer: Josh Shadid 
    Associate Producer: Marissa Alanis 
    Producers: Johnny Hernandez & Joseph Barbalaco 
    Commissioner/Producer: Saul Levitz
    Production Company: Lord Danger
    Director of Photography: Aaron Grasso 
    1st AC: Keith Jones
    Steadicam: Ari Robbins 
    Gaffer: Michael Schilling
    BBE: Ardy Fatehi 
    Key Grip: Fritz Weber
    BBG: Nico Ortiz 
    Production Designer: Johnny Love
    Art Director: Michelle Hall 
    Wardrobe Stylist: Justin Lynn 
    Costume Design/Fabrication: Lucid Studios
    Skai Jackson's Hair & Make-Up: Alexander Armand & Brandy Allen 
    Lil Nas X Hair & Make-Up: Diana Escamilla & Jennifer Urquizo
    Choreographer: Phil Wright 
    Motion Capture Specialist: Don Allen Stevenson III 
    VFX/Post Production Company: Chimney Group 
    Executive Producer: Ron Moon
    Post Producers: Alex Ramos 
    Creative Director: Frederick Ross
    VFX/Post Production Company: Post Lord (Lord Danger)
    Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
    Post Producer: Shyam Sengupta & Marissa Alanis
    Creative Director: Mike Diva 
    Post Supervisor: Andrew Henry
    Editors: Mike Diva & Andrew Henry
    3D Artist: Cornel Swodoba
    3D Artist: Calvin Serrano 
    VFX Artist: Octane Jesus (David Ariew) 
    VFX Artist: Ryan Talbot 
    GFX Artist: Cody Vondell 
    GFX Artist: Silica (Eric Castro) 
    GFX Artist: Olney Atwell 
    GFX Artist: Tom Arena
    Compositor: Ethan Chancer
    Compositor: Josh Johnson
    Special Thanks: Rokoko Electronics for providing Motion Capture Suit 

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Comments • 223 598

  • Nerd World
    Nerd World  11 less than a minute back


    • Nerd World
      Nerd World  34 less than a minute back


      • Crypt
        Crypt  3 minutes back

        when he's on the plane you can see her mouthing "What the fuck"

        • TJ 4hunnid
          TJ 4hunnid  3 minutes back

          I love your voice 😀

          • mqvddie •
            mqvddie •  3 minutes back

            My crush kept texting me “aye panini dont you be a meanie” and I was like wtf and I finally realized it was from this song 🤦‍♀️

            • BIZ Mob Camp Squad
              BIZ Mob Camp Squad  5 minutes back

              This is fresh

              • Syclone
                Syclone  7 minutes back

                Zuri.....wait.......let me think....say to me what you want from me

                • khari dunn
                  khari dunn  7 minutes back

                  Mom: KHARI!
                  Me: Yeah?
                  Mom: KHARI!!
                  Me: YEAH?!
                  Me: 0:51

                  • Milky Way
                    Milky Way  8 minutes back

                    df is zuri ross doin here

                    • MyLifeIs Memes
                      MyLifeIs Memes  9 minutes back

                      2:04 respect+ 1000000

                      • Trilogy3000
                        Trilogy3000  10 minutes back

                        This legit has better VFX than some movies

                        • Bladelongshot
                          Bladelongshot  11 minutes back

                          Try it at 2 times the speed it is lit

                          • Malik Kinsey
                            Malik Kinsey  11 minutes back

                            Just imagine some real quick...
                            Okay, imagine this getting 100k likes?
                            All you got to do is click this or press it and make it blue

                            • swagkevin57 swagsterkevin
                              swagkevin57 swagsterkevin  14 minutes back


                              • dont drink the kool aid
                                dont drink the kool aid  14 minutes back

                                she cursed a bad word. o m g

                                • Luz Martinez
                                  Luz Martinez  16 minutes back

                                  Anyone from the 4048 too?

                                  • caitlin harrison
                                    caitlin harrison  18 minutes back

                                    boi this is fire woh

                                    • Gabriel Ocampo
                                      Gabriel Ocampo  21 minutes back

                                      Wheres old town panini?

                                      • Aka a Amass
                                        Aka a Amass  23 minutes back

                                        Any of my bois here from 6019

                                        • jayden thomas
                                          jayden thomas  25 minutes back

                                          Me and my brother played old town roade on the fanklen sqwaer face book

                                          • Pikablue769 Animations
                                            Pikablue769 Animations  25 minutes back

                                            Not gonna lie…
                                            1. Kind of a sick beat
                                            2. Awesome video with great graphics
                                            3. He made this video for a sandwich

                                            • David Nathan
                                              David Nathan  26 minutes back

                                              Esse é o quanto de kid q tá fazendo isso

                                              • James Anderson
                                                James Anderson  29 minutes back

                                                Old town road: Your not better than woody: panini: buzz light year is better

                                                • Robert De La Torre
                                                  Robert De La Torre  30 minutes back

                                                  At 1:51 how is there thunder if it isn't raining?

                                                  • slowshin
                                                    slowshin  31 minutes back

                                                    1975: in the future we will have flying cars

                                                    2019: stalkers

                                                    • TaeTaeTrxsh
                                                      TaeTaeTrxsh  31 minutes back

                                                      Ey panini don't you be a meanie

                                                      Thought you wanted me to go up
                                                      Why you tryna' keep my teeny?

                                                      It's a dream waste it on a genie I got fans finally and she wanna never see me yah.
                                                      I thought u want this for my life
                                                      For my life

                                                      Said you wanted to see me thrive
                                                      You lied
                                                      Just say to me what u want from me
                                                      Just say to me what u want from me


                                                      Ey panini don't u be a meanie thought you wanted me to go up why u tryna keep me teeny yeah'
                                                      Now they need me number 1 on streaming

                                                      • Gunstroker Playz
                                                        Gunstroker Playz  32 minutes back

                                                        Fire 🔥 song

                                                        • Kunming China Girl Lol
                                                          Kunming China Girl Lol  32 minutes back

                                                          2011: hey Jessie

                                                          2019: hey panini

                                                          Like if you love skai jackson. She has grown up so fast!!

                                                          • SIS vs SIS
                                                            SIS vs SIS  33 minutes back

                                                            I love this song 😍😍😍😍

                                                            • Was ItClutch1291
                                                              Was ItClutch1291  37 minutes back

                                                              Skai ;-;

                                                              • Thanos car Big chungus
                                                                Thanos car Big chungus  37 minutes back

                                                                Hey panini don’t you suck my weeny

                                                                • I’m a Goat
                                                                  I’m a Goat  37 minutes back


                                                                  • NOSEKPONE XD
                                                                    NOSEKPONE XD  38 minutes back

                                                                    Like si vienes por RODEZEL

                                                                    • ELIDE NAVARRO
                                                                      ELIDE NAVARRO  39 minutes back

                                                                      Ik this is gonna sound dum but what or who is panini

                                                                      • im fine
                                                                        im fine  40 minutes back

                                                                        go check my lofi remix out :)

                                                                        • Henry Games
                                                                          Henry Games  41 minutes back

                                                                          Man this guy clingy

                                                                          • raul ruiz
                                                                            raul ruiz  41 minutes back

                                                                            Wtf is going on with 2 minute songs...chorus verse chorus similar verse..done

                                                                            • William Centeno
                                                                              William Centeno  41 minutes back

                                                                              Who thinks Indian panini is better

                                                                              • Jessica Fiebig
                                                                                Jessica Fiebig  44 minutes back

                                                                                Who else knows this is ziti from jessie and bunk

                                                                              • P Boy
                                                                                P Boy  44 minutes back

                                                                                Dang he went from Blake Shelton to Post Malone.

                                                                                • Furious Craig
                                                                                  Furious Craig  47 minutes back

                                                                                  The song has been widely labeled as "country rap", a genre that had only become mainstream a year prior to release. Dutch record producer YoungKio produced the instrumental and made it available for purchase online in 2018. It features a sample of the instrumental piece "34 Ghosts IV" by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, specifically the banjo that is played in the song. The sample was placed behind trap-style Roland TR-808 drums and bass. Lil Nas X purchased the instrumental for US$30 and recorded "Old Town Road" in one day. At the time, he had been living with his sister after dropping out of college; his real world struggles served as an influence on some of the lyrics.
                                                                                  The song initially gained popularity on social video sharing app TikTok and eventually entered the Billboard charts in March 2019. The song reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart before the magazine disqualified it from being included on the chart on grounds that it did not fit the country genre, sparking a debate on the definition of the genre. Though the song was not re-entered onto the overall country charts, both the original version of the song and the remix featuring Cyrus eventually peaked at number one on the flagship Billboard chart, the Hot 100, for a record-breaking nineteen consecutive weeks. Internationally, one or more versions of "Old Town Road" have topped the national singles charts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom; and charted within the top ten in various other markets

                                                                                  • Kekoa Anderson
                                                                                    Kekoa Anderson  48 minutes back

                                                                                    0:29 who else saw the sad cowboy emoji🤠

                                                                                    • A1EX BTW
                                                                                      A1EX BTW  50 minutes back

                                                                                      1:12 that wtf ruined my childhood.

                                                                                      • Mrs Yoongi
                                                                                        Mrs Yoongi  50 minutes back

                                                                                        Why does that look like Sky Jackson or is it idk

                                                                                        • Random Gameplay
                                                                                          Random Gameplay  52 minutes back

                                                                                          Why do look like king Vader

                                                                                          • mckiyah saleem
                                                                                            mckiyah saleem  52 minutes back

                                                                                            Mckiyah Saleem. I 👍

                                                                                            • Gustavo Ferreira
                                                                                              Gustavo Ferreira  54 minutes back

                                                                                              0:53 Is it just me who thinks the melody resembles Nirvana's In Bloom?

                                                                                              • Perfect Ramen
                                                                                                Perfect Ramen  54 minutes back

                                                                                                No one:

                                                                                                Lil Nas X: